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I sit down in my car, it's a quarter past three
I dig into my pockets, fumbling around for my keys 
Why are jean pockets so deep when you miss something you need


My index finger grabs hold of an old broken keychain 
Wish I had a boyfriend, use that empty carpool lane
Adjust my side mirrors; left then right


Turn on the heater, flick on the headlights
Glance down at the dashboard; 28 Fahrenheit 
Put it in drive, let’s get out of here


I look into the review, as I put in a CD 
There’s an old pair of blue eyes staring back at me
A face that I’ve known since I was two or three 


Like a second mom, she raised me to be me
A music teacher at Mark West elementary 
She made fall in love with the sounds of strings 

But that couldn’t be you, I’m alone
You passed away from a driver on their phone 
Hufford; gone too soon        




phoenix theater




Drummer Nathan Cook had just turned 15, and guitarist Sean Gustafson and Singer Sedona Hernandez were both 16,  when the three started making a lot of noise in a garage. Through the last two years, The Sanctions have transformed into serious songwriting powerhouses eager play bigger stages. 

On January 24th, the three released their first single, Rearview, with their previous bass player. Written about the music teacher that influenced Sedona Sean, the song is a tribute to Sue Hufford who was killed in a car accident. The single was followed up by a much more energetic track called "Call Me Icarus" on July 20th.


Recorded in a bedroom, barn, and a garage, and mixed and produced within the band, the two tracks are very much a DIY project that the three are extremely proud of. 





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